Hi! I’m Nicole.

I had a mystical experience in 2015 and went through a three-year hermit phase during my spiritual awakening. After much contemplation, meditation, and self-care practices, I finally discovered my true self and my purpose on this earth.

Spiritual awakenings are life-altering and can be confusing and lonely. My passion is to help people like you navigate your own spiritual awakening in a balanced and mindful way.

Helping people become aware of their thought patterns in order to break free and find an inner peace that was not otherwise possible.

I do this in a few ways:

  1. My Podcast called “A Metaphysical Life: Balancing Mind Body and Spirit” where I interview people about all things relating to Body, Mind, and Spirit. People who have been through an awakening and are mindful and living a conscious life. Follow the podcast on Instagram
  2. Personal and Private Spiritual Life Consulting and Coaching to help guide you through your awakening and hold you accountable
  3. A brand new community launched The Metaphysical Life Private Facebook Group
  4. Metaphysical Book Clubbook club launching in 2020
  5. Monthly Virtual Meetups, Webinars & Workshops – coming in 2020

Connect with me on Instagram where I highlight a combination of what I’m doing personally to balance my mind, body, and spirit as well as the behind the scenes of all of my projects (podcasts, book clubs, training, virtual events)