Hi! I’m Nicole.

I had a mystical experience in 2015 and went through a three-year hermit phase during my spiritual awakening. After much contemplation, meditation, and self-care practices, I finally discovered my true self and my purpose on this earth.

Spiritual awakenings are life-altering and can be confusing and lonely. My passion is to help people like you navigate your own spiritual awakening in a balanced and mindful way.

Helping people become aware of their thought patterns in order to break free and find an inner peace that was not otherwise possible.

I do this in a few ways:

  1. My Podcast called “A Metaphysical Life: Balancing Mind Body and Spirit” where I interview people about all things relating to Body, Mind, and Spirit. People who have been through an awakening and are mindful and living a conscious life.
  2. Personal Private Coaching to help guide you and hold you accountable
  3. Virtual Webinars, Workshops, Book Clubs and Masterminds – check out The Metaphysical Life Private Facebook Group
  4. Instagram where I highlight a combination of what I’m doing personally to balance my mind, body, and spirit as well as the behind the scenes of all of my projects (podcasts, training, virtual events)