Getting Clear on What You Want with Natalie Kahale

This is Episode 2 of The Metaphysical Life podcast on letting go and healing after a loved one dies and tips on how to get clear on what you want.

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I am so happy that my very first interview-style podcast was with my cousin Nat. I’ve always looked up to her as a young teen and she has always been an inspiration for me.

In addition to being a mom and wife, she is an organizational consultant, she gives talks and keynotes, she’s a TV host for Nat en Parle, and she most recently was the MC for the launch of Ottawas new light rail.

Nat shares with the listeners how she overcame the loss of her first husband as well as meeting her second husband. She talks about the modalities she used (conventional and non-conventional) to help her let go, continue to heal and make her dreams a reality – a family with children.

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Enjoy the episode!

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