Life as an Empath with Huguette Belanger

This is Episode 3 of The Metaphysical Life podcast on life as an empath, grounding tips and in an introduction to Reflexology

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Huguette Belanger is my reflexologist and we’ve had many, many conversations about her life as an empath. I’ve often asked her about grounding tips, chakras and how she converses with spirits.

When I told her I wanted to start a podcast so people can speak freely about their spiritual stories she was so supportive! It was a given that I would ask her on the show.

Huguette worked for the government most of her life and decided at retirement she wasn’t ready to actually “retire”. She opened up a small business called Fancy Feet Reflexology in Cornwall Ontario. She offers reflexology, reiki, Ayurveda head massages and she also has more offerings in the works!

Huguette shares with the listeners how she functions day to day as an empath. She describes the things she does to protect herself as an empath before and after events. We briefly discuss her ability to communicate with spirits as well as an introduction to reflexology, reiki, and chakras

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