Three Reasons to Listen to The Metaphysical Life

Today is the official launch of my podcast called The Metaphysical Life: Balancing Body, Mind and Spirit.

The purpose of this podcast is three-fold.

Purpose 1

To provide a platform for people to share their stories. Share how they are navigating life through their spiritual awakening and hopefully help listeners who may be going through similar experiences. You’ll hear interviews of real people like you; who at some point in their lives realized there was something much bigger and something so beautiful about living life on this earth.

Purpose 2

To provide hope and inspiration to people who want to be more conscious and more aware in their life. Sometimes we don’t know where to start or we get overwhelmed when trying to make a change in our life. It can be quite difficult to become aware of thought patterns and the impact these thoughts have in our life – but once we are aware and take control of these thoughts, we start seeing the changes happen within our life. We raise our vibration, become happier, we re-discover our passions, and we see signs and synchronicities happening all around us. So, in this podcast, you will hear inspirational stories with mindful tips, ideas, and modalities you can apply in your daily life.

Purpose 3

For learning and education. You’ll hear topics about things you may not be able to talk about with the current people in your life. Metaphysical topics are broad and can range from setting intentions, synchronicities, dream-work to communicating with God/Creator/Universe. Anything that is non-physical is metaphysical topic. And there are some people who are not ready to hear about these subjects. So, if you are one of those people who are open, ready and interested, this podcast is for you. We will expand our mindset and open ourselves up to having amazing conversations.

My Why

I have a memory of when I was about 5 or 6. I was walking on the sidewalk in front of my home – I remember it was a spring morning, the sun was shining, birds were chirping. It was beautiful. As I looked down at the cracks in the sidewalk there was a moment where I felt like there was something bigger to life on earth – that I had a purpose. But I was 6, so didn’t know what it meant at the time…. So I grew up like any kid would, and ended up living a life in autopilot.

In 2015, I had mystical experience then went through a three-year hermit phase. And, what that meant was I didn’t want to be around many people, I didn’t know how to talk about what happened to me, I avoided lots of events because I didn’t know how to protect myself as an empath and I would literally feel like I was bombarded with people’s energies. (And I’m an introvert so it was a double whammy) During these three years, I spent a lot of time in introspection, journaling, reading and meditating. At the beginning of 2019, I started to get a lot of signs and synchronicities that I needed to share what happened to me and help others who may be going through the same thing.

Spiritual awakenings are life-altering and can be confusing and lonely. But also, amazing, energizing and exciting. My passion is to help people like you navigate your own spiritual awakening in a balanced and mindful way. My hope is that this podcast can be a community for you to do this.

About the Podcast

The podcast will be set up in seasons. We will have about 10-12 episodes per season and you can expect an episode each week.

Season 1 is sponsored by Harrister. They produce products that are available on Amazon. They have two types of oil boxes/shelves and a scratch map and are offering 10% off to all of the metaphysical life listeners.

Let’s Connect

You can also find me on Instagram where I will share things I’m doing in my life as well as some behind the scenes of the podcast. And, you can join the new free community on Facebook – The Metaphysical Life.

I’m looking forward to sharing this journey with you and connecting with you about all things metaphysical!

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